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Do you want to:

✓  Hire high-performing and hard-to-find international talents?
✓  Develop your global leaders and international teams for better performance?
✓  Build a global organization where international employees are highly engaged and committed to their work?
✓  Progress toward higher organizational performance and outstanding productivity through intercultural effectiveness?

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Intercultural leaders and teams often deal with:

  • Decreased performance when transitioning to a multicultural team and global context
  • Slow progress towards a high level of team performance due to cultural and communication differences
  • Disengagement and low career satisfaction, especially for international talents
  • Increased team conflicts due to miscommunication and lack of collaboration in companies growing internationally

The solution?

  • Develop effective global leadership and executive skills to create a pool of managers that lead the organisation authentically, successfully, and strategically in the uncertain and complex multicultural environment.
  • Increase communication and leverage the strengths and talents of each individual to reduce the time between project inception and effective performance.
  • Grow, retain, and develop top talents internationally by helping them move forward in their career with confidence and purpose as they deal with the challenges of a new environment.
  • Develop strong intercultural effectiveness, improve the ability of international staff to deal with new contexts, and nurture communication skills that support collaboration, clarity and harmony in your organisation.

U Diverse creates customised development and diversity programs for global leaders as well as multicultural and diverse teams that encounter complexity and uncertainty as they grow in a global context.

Our assets for you

Holistic approach applying multiple methodologies

Holistic approach that combines coaching, training, assessment, and consulting and creates sustainable cultural and behavioural change in your company

ICF certified coaches, professional trainers and consultants

Multicultural and multidisciplinary teams of ICF-trained coaches and experienced trainers and consultants

Extensive international experience

Extensive international experience in HR, business, recruitment, leadership and talents

Integrated and tailored programs

Tailor-made programs to offer the best solutions for your company’s leaders, teams and international talents

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International companies often have difficulties:

✓ Attracting, hiring, retaining and developing high-performing and hard-to-find international candidates
✓ Developing global leadership capabilities in complex cultural environments;
✓ Engaging and sustaining diverse and multicultural teams that are highly collaborative;
✓ Growing intercultural competencies to increasingly diversify their workforce.


✓  Attract, grow, retain, and develop top candidates, so reducing hiring costs by 40% (Strengthscope);
Develop effective global leadership and executive skills, and authentically lead the organization in uncertain and complex multicultural environments, thus increasing employee performance by 36% (Strengthscope);
✓  Enhance team performance by 97% through increasing team effectiveness, communication and engagement (Strengthscope);
✓  Develop strong intercultural effectiveness, improve the ability of international staff to deal with new contexts to grow your organization and achieve your key global objectives through full inclusion (SHRM).

What they say about us

Occasionally in your professional career you have the right people come at the right time. Magali Toussaint, leadership/intercultural coach and founder at U Diverse, is such a person. In 10 sessions she took me on a leadership coaching adventure that has refreshed, enriched and deepened my understanding, perception and insights into authentic leadership. She challenged, encouraged and enlightened me to dig deep and outshine even my own expectations. Transformation comes from within, but an expert guide does help to smoothen the process. I can highly recommend Magali if you are looking for the next step in your leadership development and are willing to go the extra mile in enhancing your leadership skills. She ignites passion in your profession and facilitates you to better serve the people you work with. I managed to take a next step in my professional career and team and helped me formulate a clear and coherent vision and strategy along the way.

Liesbeth Kanis, Managing Director / Sales Director APAC at Brill, Singapore

Magali was one of our resource speakers during the annual business conference organized by University of Greenwich-Saxion University MBA/MA class. Being specialized in helping expats adjust to their new endeavor, she made an attractive presentation and was able to connect with most of the audience who were either foreigners themselves, or some locals who are working with expats.

Her speech on how to use social media as a tool to stand out among peers with equal credentials was particularly interesting as it is not a norm in most developing countries. We have always known that getting one foot in the door of a recruiter is always the most difficult hurdle to overcome; she has explained it in good detail by contextualizing the presentation in the Dutch labor market. She really impressed the participants, who are expecting to have more coaching time with her. As we believe that she could help individuals to grow, improve and meet their personal goals.

Winda Yunita, HR Director at Reckitt Benckiser, Indonesia

I have worked with Magali for the last two months. She has been an asset in my professional career. She has helped me understand my needs and helped me to create the tools to achieve my goals. She is very knowledgeable about expat lives and professional needs. She has always been flexible on my needs and always made me feel that I was her most important client. I feel it was worth it and the return on the financial and time investment is huge.

Isabel M., Head of Strategic Research and Insight at Millicom, USA

I had experienced coaching through work and I really felt I needed to re-evaluate my professional situation during this transitional period (relocation). I decided to work with Magali because she is genuinely interested in cultural diversity and has an international background. From our first contact, I felt comfortable to speak my truth. Magali is open minded and she was able to unlock my potential in a timely manner by asking a lot of questions and giving me homework to reflect on my life’s goals.

After a couple of sessions, I felt I knew better what direction I should take for my professional and personal goals. She helped me focus on what is important to me and gave me the confidence and the tools to go for it. When needed, Magali gave me some tips and useful tools to be better equipped and support my job search.

The results of the coaching (6 sessions) are that I have found my dream job in no time and I have decided to follow a course in parallel. I now feel more prepared to make my own decisions and I would definitively recommend Magali to anyone looking to find a job in an expat situation or for a career conversion. If you still hesitate, don’t! Just go for it, your life is about to change!

Anne G., Supply Chain Planning Manager at Starbucks, Netherlands

I can highly recommend Magali to any client who would like to bring their career to the next level. I worked with Magali for two months and I chose her as a Career Coach and Adviser, because of her professional path, she has an international working experience in various domains, a strong knowledge in Recruitment, Diversity and Human Resources. She was the perfect coach and advisor to help me deal with applying internally to a new vacancy in my organization because she knows the prevalence of the French and English American culture in my organization. [ … ]

Working with Magali helped me to structure my thoughts, get rid of unimportant things and learn about myself as an individual. I went through different phases during this coaching experience. I had to be aware of what I wanted and be sure I wanted to apply internally as Customer Support Manager.  [ … ]. Besides being a joy to work with, Magali is a reliable person. Without my coach, my application would not have been done that thoroughly and to be honest without her I would have probably never applied. Thanks to this coaching experience, I boosted my confidence, developed strong interview techniques and recruitment methods. It definitely helped me to impress the senior management and I got the job.

Magali is helpful, devoted and really involved in your success. Furthermore, she is a truly devoted person. She’s not only a career coach but she is also personally involved and committed to the person she is working with. Whatever the final result is, working with her will provide you with a valuable professional and human experience.

Kelly M., Customer Support Manager at FlightSafety, France

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