About us

Who We Are

U Diverse Global is a human resource consulting agency that focuses on talent management in culturally diverse work environments. We operate on a much more sophisticated level than just providing great HR advice. We also partner with your organization to find the best talents for your business projects. We are a tribe of multicultural, multilingual and multi talented professionals connected to a vast number of external coaches, consultants, facilitators, and trainers globally.

How We Operate

We are not your regular HR consultancy, we do things differently. We walk the talk, going the extra mile to ensure your organization operates on the foundation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We do not rely on traditional approaches of coaching and training, but we take a holistic and tailor-made approach by focusing on the human factor, mindset, behavioural changes, and unconscious mechanisms so our clients can address complex challenges, focus on commonalities and make long-term change.

We facilitate long-term changes through a combination of strategic planning sessions, workshops, group and one-on-one coaching in remote environments. We not only provide strategies and solutions, we also walk you through every process and give recommendations and tools to improve your systems.

Our Vision

U Diverse Global aims to be #1 HR consulting agency which provides actionable strategies for the best diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations globally to help diverse talents achieve their potential.

Why Choose Us?

  • We take a non-traditional and more innovative approach to diversity in workplaces
  • We provide a pool of talents from a cultural diversity perspective
  • We are a multicultural team and work with several languages
  • We focus more on intercultural work as well as intersectionality
  • We believe in talent and strengths
  • We work with a strong DEI network

Meet The Team


Founder, Lead Consultant & Coach (She/her/hers)
Magali Photo

Magali is the founder of U Diverse Global. She is an international talent management consultant and coach specialized in cultural diversity. She is of French, British and Caribbean descent, with mastery in French and English speech. Magali was born in France, but relocated to the United Kingdom after her schooling. She lived briefly in Australia before settling in the Netherlands. During her travels, over a decade ago, her experience in diversity grew significantly. She owns a Master’s degree in Management of Cultural Diversity from Tilburg University, which strongly reflects her academic and professional experience in diversity, equity and inclusion.

She is also an accredited practitioner certified by reputable institutions which include Certified ICF coach, CIPD certification in Human Resources Practices, Certified Executive and Leadership Development certified Coach, Career Management Coach, Cross-cultural Trainer (International House, London), Strength scope accredited, Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) and Cultural Orientation Framework Certified (COF), Certified Diversity Recruiter.

Magali possesses over 10 years of experience in crafting recruitment as well as career and diversity strategies in international contexts. She organizes coaching sessions and facilitates workshops for international companies across different countries. She is super passionate about leaving a lasting positive social impact in business, by promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion in organizations to help develop potentials. She uses an unconventional, intense and unique approach when meeting the needs of clients; and in doing so has earned a reputation in the diversity space.

Magali's background and professional history have been very valuable to companies and professionals around the world, helping them develop their talents, improve workplace behaviors and design long-term strategies to achieve successful business goals. Some top brands she has worked with include Equinix, Access health and The Climate European Foundation.

  • Nationality: French
  • Languages: French, English, Dutch, Creole, Spanish
  • Countries lived: France, UK, Australia, the Netherlands


Operations Manager & Career Development Mentor (He/him/his)
team member photo

Yohann started at U Diverse Global in 2020 after working 10 years as people manager in a tech company. His responsibilities are shared between operations management on one hand, and career development mentoring on the other hand.

Coming from a culturally diverse background thanks to a multi-ethnic and multilingual family tree, he studied foreign languages applied to business and trade, and obtained a bachelor’s degree. Then he moved from France to the Netherlands in 2008 to start a successful career abroad. Throughout his professional journey, from educational environment to international companies, from Europe to North Africa, he has built a solid experience as a leader, always striving to find the right balance between management, coaching, mentoring, pedagogy, and talent development to adapt to the always shifting market reality.

He joined forces with U Diverse Global to respond to the need for a higher challenge for both the organization and his own career: managing a business from the operational standpoint while sharing his expertise in talent development. His unique experience in management, leadership, recruitment and professional development, his passion for multiculturalism and his taste for ambitious challenges perfectly line up with the core values and philosophy of U Diverse Global.

  • Nationality: French
  • Languages: French, Creole, English, Spanish, Mandarin
  • Countries lived: France, the Netherlands


International D&I Consultant (She/her/hers)team member photo

Nina is a consultant advocating for diversity, inclusion and justice. Hands-on and results-driven, she ensures a real embedment of diversity and inclusion strategies in organizations and companies. Human-centered and culturally sensitive, she is specialized in creating safe environments, developing inclusive strategies and facilitating tailor-made trainings. Her energy and enthusiasm contribute to motivate, bring people together to define and reach common goals, and support pleasant and effective trajectories.

Nina holds a Master in Cultural Management, and worked for 10 years in the non-profit sector in different countries in Europe, West Africa and the Caribbean. She worked as a program manager for several NGO's in the field of youth and education, LGBTQI+ rights, women's rights, and sexual and reproductive rights. Her managerial background combined with a solid knowledge about gender justice, sexual diversity, and intercultural communication, provided her a unique expertise that combines societal engagement with businesses' needs.

Born in France from a Dutch mother and a French father, she grew up in between two cultures and became passionate about other cultures and languages. She is currently based in Amsterdam.

  • Nationality: Dutch, French
  • Languages: Dutch, French, English, German, Italian
  • Countries lived: France, Germany, the Netherlands


Certified Information Privacy Professional (She/her/hers)team member photo

Juliet is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree holder with over 17 years of professional experience in the legal field. Her expertise lies in corporate and commercial law, legal research, privacy, and data protection consulting. She will be able to provide strong insights on gathering data around diversity and to assist in inclusive recruitment.

  • Nationality: Trinidad and Tobago
  • Languages: English, Dutch
  • Countries lived: Trinidad and Tobago, the Netherlands, Sint Maarten


Assistant Project Manager (He/him/his)team member photo

Robert has managed a variety of projects ranging from training courses to product development, including project planning and execution, tracking progress and reporting, and identifying bottlenecks. His strength is in planning, collaboration, and aligning resources to accomplish the project’s objectives. He has an accounting background supporting his journey of building reports, working with data, and finding valuable insights.

  • Nationality: Venezuelan
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Countries lived: Venezuela, Argentina


Business Consultant & Brand Manager (He/him/his)team member photo

Sergio is focused on corporate and personal branding and business growth for international companies. He helps organizations and people align their objectives and culture with those of their audiences and customers, so they can build their brand and design products and services that dominate their niche. He believes that to be relevant in the marketplace, companies and individuals need not only to generate profit, but to stand for something and have purpose.

  • Nationality: Venezuelan, Colombian
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French
  • Countries lived: Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina


Virtual Assistant (He/him/his)team member photo

Alejandro is a young professional with a diverse background in online recruitment, marketing and data entry. He has experience working with Microsoft Excel for data management, google docs and Boolean operators for recruiting. His goal is to take part in projects related to data entry, but he’s also eager to explore other fields in which his skills bring added value to our services and extra benefits to our clients.

  • Nationality: Venezuelan
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese
  • Countries lived: Venezuela, Panama


Executive Assistant (She/her/hers)team member photo