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5 Must-Dos for Finding the Best International Finance and IT Talent

By U Diverse Global

With increasing demand for highly specialized skilled workers in the IT and finance sectors, recruiting and retaining top-notch international candidates requires strategic planning.

Here are some tips to consider:

Boost Your Brand

To make your organization as attractive as possible to potential candidates, boost your brand’s recognition as a leader in employee satisfaction. Sharpen your organization’s image and voice across industry publications and social media platforms.

Increase Your Interview IQ

During the interview process, use questions to assess both a candidate’s cross-cultural competency and personal strengths. Competency-based interviewing can help zero in on the candidates most likely to bring the specific skills required for the position. A strength-based approach should confirm if a candidate has the personal qualities best-suited to the job and your organization.

Embrace Cultural Differences

Train and coach your entire hiring team in cross-cultural communication so every member is equipped to welcome potential candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

Promote and Retain

In highly competitive fields like finance and IT, retaining quality international professionals in your organization can be a challenge. Providing every employee with both cultural and technical training opportunities may help boost retention. Likewise, a succession plan that advances employees and builds on their strengths can provide a roadmap for success.

Support Your Staff

International candidates with specific sought-after skills may need extra support to thrive in a new culture. Cross-cultural training can be especially beneficial to help new employees achieve work-life balance. Employees with a strong social network are less likely to experience isolation and depression as they adjust to a new culture.

By applying these strategies to your recruitment efforts, you’ll attract and retain the top international candidates in finance and IT.

U Diverse specializes in matching highly-skilled international candidates and expatriates with successful careers. Contact us to learn more about our programs designed to support organizations seeking top international talent.


U Diverse Global helps international organizations bridge their talent gap by implementing actionable strategies & initiatives so they can attract, retain and engage diverse talents and inclusive leaders

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U Diverse Global is a human resource consulting agency that focuses on talent management in culturally diverse work environments. We operate on a much more sophisticated level than just providing great HR advice. We also partner with your organization to find the best talents for your business projects. We are a tribe of multicultural, multilingual and multi talented professionals connected to a vast number of external coaches, consultants, facilitators and trainers globally.

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