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Global Leadership Requires Knowing Personal Strengths

By U Diverse Global

Global leadership is the art of performing these activities in such a way that people are inspired, ideas are shared, and corporations move forward in their company vision.

Technological advancements continue to provide businesses the opportunity to expand, and with this expansion come challenges such as connecting individuals across spatiotemporal borders, communicating effectively through language barriers, and providing appropriate cultural accommodations.

What is Strengths-Based Leadership

One method to enhance global leadership is incorporating strengths-based leadership. Strengths-based leadership is characterized by highlighting the strengths of individuals and aligning those strengths with relevant projects or positions. This methodology motivates workers and drives them to produce passionate and powerful results.

However, the best leaders don’t just highlight the strengths of their employees, they also focus on the innate strengths within themselves. It is human nature to be negative – to focus on personal weaknesses and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to fix them. However, this is not the best course of action when it comes to leadership development.

While there is purpose in acknowledging areas for improvement, it is wise to spend more energy maximizing strengths.

Why Global Leaders Should Acknowledge Strengths

Global leaders must know and trust their personal strengths to exude the confidence and wisdom necessary to effectively lead international teams. Global leaders are thrust into uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations more often than domestic leaders. Knowing their strengths will relieve tension and enable them to think clearly and function well. These leaders must know in what situations they excel and when they might need to recruit help. Then they need the ability to identify the strengths in others and inspire confidence in them as well.

How Global Leaders Can Effectively Leverage Strengths

Strengthscope is an amazing strength analyzing tool. It differs from other tools because it offers positive, practical responses that leaders can begin to apply quickly to better themselves and consequently, better their teams. Strengthscope comes with four unique modules. Strengthscope360 for gaining insight from coworkers and other leaders, StrengthscopeTeam for finding team strengths and individual contributions, Strength Engagement Index to measure engagement levels at work, and StrengthscopeLeader.

StrengthscopeLeader is a module that not only helps leaders identify strengths and weaknesses, but it analyzes current productivity in 4 key areas: purpose, passion, process, and performance. StrengthscopeLeader is the perfect program to aid global leaders in recognizing strengths, establishing healthy leadership habits, and utilizing their influence to better their team and their company. For more information on how this revolutionary program can benefit your team, contact us today.


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