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Lessons to Become a Great Leader

By U Diverse Global

Leadership can sometimes be overwhelming. Leaders have to hire, train, recruit, coach, and monitor their employees. You must be ready for all these tasks along with you work. Some leaders believe leadership comes with great power and responsibility, while others see it as a ticket to easy life. If you don’t know how to manage your team effectively these Leadership lessons will help you become a Great Leader.

1. Promote an Open Environment for Two-Way Feedback

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to create a two-way communication to exchange ideas. You have to appreciate and encourage your employees to share their concerns without having the fear of being punished. Employee perspective is as important as yours learn to respect it. You must ensure that your employees are up-to-date with information about the company’s success and failure. Discussing problems with your team is a way to find solutions.

2. Share Your Experience

You should always share the experience with team members, always remember that you had support while you were working to be a leader. So, take some time and put effort to groom and develop your employees to improve their skills. Give them the knowledge, help them make new connections. This will make them perform better as they see their benefit in it.

3. Build Trust

You have to win their trust, even if that makes you go an extra mile. Show your team that you will care for them and are willing to protect them under tough situations. You can build trust by doing small things like being available to solve their problems, participating in day-to-day activities, being fair and consistent and appreciating even the smallest achievements of your employees. Once you have the trust of your employees you will see better results to achieve organization’s goals.

4. Have a Service Mentality

You hire people when you can’t cope up with the workload, but your job isn’t done here. You can’t command your employees and expect work to be done properly. Serve them a clear path to help them serve you with good results. You have to provide resources to your employees to improve their skills. Analyze what holds them back and fix it. By putting them first you are eventually making the work easier for you.

5. Show Confidence in Your Decision

Becoming a leader comes with great responsibility. You have to make big decisions and stick to them. You can’t afford to be indecisive, you have to make tough calls when needed. Your employees see you as their role model and trust your decisions. Be careful to not disappoint them in any way. Make sure your choices are not just helpful to you, but to the company as well.

6. Provide Personal Attention

You won’t come across the same kind of people, everyone learns differently. So, you have to give personal attention to the people who need it. Learn to neglect their weaknesses and focus to boost their strengths. Provide regular feedbacks, communicate respectfully and pay attention to their issues. The inner lives of the people influence their success so make sure to stay in touch with them on a personal level.

7. Learn to Take Responsibility

We all make mistakes, but the important thing is to accept it and try to change it. Taking risks does not always turn into success, but you must learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. Stand up for your employees when expectations aren’t met. This will encourage them to work harder to achieve the organization’s goals. When you have made a mistake learn to stand up for it and don’t try to blame others.

8. Always be Fair

A true leader follows the rules they set for others. They lead by example and hold themselves accountable for their mistakes. You must always remember to treat your employees equally regardless of their caste, race or gender. Always focus on your behavior before judging others. This will help you understand what’s important and what’s not. And this is how your people will know they are being treated fairly.


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