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Summer is the Time for Finding the Best and Brightest International Candidates

By U Diverse Global

Summer is a time when most people are either dreaming of the vacation they will take or already lounging beneath the sun.

Most minds often drift into a reverie about what other job opportunities are out there, perhaps dreading the return to our current jobs. However, what people dread most is the act of actually seeking a new job.

A recent report by TalentLyft reports that 73% of job candidates are passive job seekers, meaning they are employees who are not actively seeking work but certainly would consider leaving their current post should a better opportunity arise. Yes, around the world, unemployment rates are relatively low. However, don’t let that stop you from trying to improve your team culture by courting talented passive workers. Rather let this inspire you to improve the dynamics of your current team by seeking out talented international passive candidates. Here are some reasons why:

  1. New perspective: Just like it only takes one apple to ruin all the bad apples, sometimes all it takes is one apple to make all the other apples better. An international employee will bring a different set of values, ethics, and approach to problem solving that will help your organization approach the daily grind through a fresh lens, which helps your team become more engaged and productive.

  2. Creativity: What do Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, Sergey Brin, and Nikola Tesla all have in common, other than being brilliant? They were not born in the United States. Recruiting talent from other countries might be the missing puzzle piece to separating your team from all the other teams. Forget about thinking outside of the box: start thinking outside of this country. There’s no doubt that pools of creative thinkers, visionaries, are there, overseas, just waiting for a tap on the shoulder.

  3. Inspiration: One of the best ways to inspire and motivate your employees is to increase their zone of proximal development. In other words, creating a diverse environment filled with employees who have talents that might have been sharpened and honed from environments where adversity and challenges were of a different and perhaps more dire nature might be the golden carrot your current employees need, the extra push, to raise their own professional talents and to not rest on their laurels.

  4. Collaboration: We all know that the United States is a place where the first-person “I” reigns, the land of big cars, big houses, and big egos. Recruiting internationally might be the way to truly create a collaborative environment, meaning that you really are recruiting individuals who, as they in sports, play for the name on the front of the jersey rather than the name on the back of the jersey. In other words, team players who do not need be hoisted on the shoulders of others because they kicked the game winning goal, but are just as happy being the person who passed the ball to the “hero.”

  5. Communication: Not only will employees from overseas add social and cultural capital to your organization, but they will also offer communication capital. Not only might they communicate differently with how they interact with other teammates, but think about how they will literally communicate. Most educated European employees speak and write in at least three languages. Sadly, many of our own educated employees have not even mastered English, let alone how to write proficient English.

If you need help enhancing cultural diversity, adding to the global diversity of your team, and recruiting talented multicultural teams, please let U Diverse help you today. While the rest of the recruiting world is on summer vacation, we are busy looking for talent. Contact us and we will help you globally expand your organization and create a multicultural team environment, helping you along the way to simplify what might seem like a complex environment.


U Diverse Global helps international organizations bridge their talent gap by implementing actionable strategies & initiatives so they can attract, retain and engage diverse talents and inclusive leaders

About U Diverse Global:

U Diverse Global is a human resource consulting agency that focuses on talent management in culturally diverse work environments. We operate on a much more sophisticated level than just providing great HR advice. We also partner with your organization to find the best talents for your business projects. We are a tribe of multicultural, multilingual and multi talented professionals connected to a vast number of external coaches, consultants, facilitators and trainers globally.

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