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Taking Pride in Diversity & Supporting LGBT Employees

By U Diverse Global

When people started embracing their preferences at first, everyone started retaliating to the point where LGBT employees had to lose their job. However, over the last few years organizations have made notable changes for supporting LGBT employees and creating an inclusive workplace

The primary benefit of having an inclusive workplace is the increase in productivity. Employees that get an open environment are happier and hence more productive as compared to the ones who are forced to hide their sexual orientation. According to a study, LGBT people account for $790 billion in total sales, and 23% of these people switched to companies that supported the LGBT community. So, having an inclusive workplace will benefit not only the community but also the sales of your organization.

Here are some of the expert tips you should consider if you want to create an inclusive workplace in your company.

Provide a clear picture:

Communicate a clear idea to your employees, managers, and senior staff. Develop various inclusion strategies and policies for supporting LGBT employees. Policies that offer training in-house mental health sessions, 24-hour counseling hotlines, and employee networking groups are beneficial for LGBT employees. While these practices may improve the workspace for LGBT employees, it is essential to know that it is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their sexual orientation or transgender status under the Employment Rights Act 1196 and Equality Act 2010.

Improve your recruitment and promotion practices

Equality should be part of the company’s DNA. So, while searching for potential candidates for clients or its team, you should keep a panel with a diverse mix of interviewees. You should avoid creating job adverts that don’t look inclusive. You should never exclude potential employs based on their identity or background. Many MNCs have started parting their ways with candidates or clients that don’t share a commitment to the inclusive recruitment process. Also, promotion practices should be entirely based on the performance of the employees.

Take help for senior staff to display diversity:

Diverse senior staff can mentor junior LGBT colleagues, act as a sponsor for network groups, and help implement diversity initiatives. The best way to develop a diverse senior staff is to hire role models from different backgrounds, including people with disabilities, LGBTQ community, and BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic). You should try to make them a visible element in your organization to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Support straight allies of the LGBT community that act as support networks to help spread the message that diversity is a part of your organization’s goals.

Spread awareness:

Support your local LGBT community by sponsoring a Pride Party, taking the initiative in local events and groups, inviting a diverse speaker to share their experiences and celebrating National Coming Out Day in your workplace. You should also create an environment for your employees to feel free and explore themselves. It is believed that employees perform better when they are not afraid to be themselves. You are monitoring your progress by analyzing things like completion rates of diversity training, the number of employee grievances, how many new employees have discovered themselves, and LGBT hires and promotions.

Simple yet effective changes:

Make sure you offer equal benefits to all your employees, irrespective of their sexual orientation, including adoption leave, time off to take care of dependents, parental leave, and maternal leave. You should aim to develop a gender-neutral environment by making minor changes like using gender-neutral language (use ‘partner’ in place of husband or wife), building unisex toilets and providing healthcare coverage for transition-related procedures. You should also design special induction programs that provide extra time to scale up trans-employees for fitting into the organizational culture. This is important because most of these people will be experiencing corporate setup for the first time.


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