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Three Reasons To Rethink Your International Hiring Strategy

By U Diverse Global

We know hiring internationally is key to your business succeeding.

However, before you dive into sourcing candidates abroad, we want you to consider 3 key facts that will make you rethink how to hire internationally

Only 22% of organizations have a strong talent pipeline for critical positions

The race to acquire top talent is fierce, and you want to make sure your organization is on top of it. Look at the strategy you use now for hiring new candidates and ask yourself if it’s rigorous enough. Are your interviews screening for the job you need to be done? Are you providing candidates enough information to accept an offer? Are you finding qualified candidates through the right sources? For more information on how to enhance talent acquisition, check out this report.

75% of professionals research a company online before considering a job opportunity there

Your prospective candidates are looking closely at what you put out into the world, and you want to make sure it shines. Think through your current branding, and ask yourself if your company website conveys the mission and purpose of the company accurately. Also look at how your company is depicted on sites like Glassdoor to see if it appeals to potential candidates. For candidates coming internationally, they might not know anyone working at your company, so they’re going to rely on your internet presence to make a decision. Companies with strong brands see a 43% decrease in cost per hire, so make sure your website is perfect if you want to save money during the hiring process.

46% of new hires fail

The cost of sourcing and training a new candidate is high. For developers, it can be up to $33,000. But what happens when you invest money in a candidate and it doesn’t work out? You lose the money, and this happens more often than you’d think. 46% of new hires end up leaving within 18 months, and only 11% of those leave for lack of skill. Make sure you have the resources in place to support your employees and keep them in the company long-term. This is only more important with international candidates who might also be struggling with the cultural changes of a new environment.

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