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Why Moms Make Great Leaders

By U Diverse Global

There are several lessons which women learn in the role of a mother that can serve them well in the workplace. Leadership is just one of these skills and there are several important lessons that can be learnt when dealing with tiny humans at the same time as trying to build your career. Some of these lessons are described in more detail below.

Knowing When To Step In With Advice

As a mother you want to be able to prepare your children for all the challenges that they will face as they grow up. This involves being prepared to let them make their own mistakes while at the same time knowing when it is necessary to step in and share the benefit of your experience. This is exactly the same for your employees as making mistakes and being able to learn from them is essential for their personal growth.

You Can’t Prepare For Everything

In your working life it is common to want to be able to plan for all eventualities. This can help you feel as if you are more in control and able to deal with any problem that does arise. However, having children shows you that you can’t plan for everything and that sometimes something will come up that you never visualized ever happening to you. What it will also teach you is that you are able to deal with more than you ever thought possible, especially events that you haven’t prepared for and this is a good skill to have as a leader.

A Blanket Approach Will Usually Be Ineffective

If you have more than one child you will know how completely different they are in terms of their personalities. The way that you interact with one child will be nothing like your interaction with the others. The things that one child considers to be a reward, may be like a punishment to another and so a different approach is sometimes needed. This also applies to the people that work for you. If you take the time to get to know them you will learn what motivates them and how you can reward them to really make them feel valued. Treating employees as a number and not a person is not great for moral and so taking a personal approach is always a better idea.

There Is More To Life Than Work

If you are running your own business, then it is easy to let it consume all areas of your life as you will feel as if there is always something you should be doing that is work related. When you have children, you sometimes do not have any choice but to take a break because you need to put all of your focus onto them. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing because taking a break has been shown to improve your concentration and productivity when you do return to working. Encouraging your staff to make the most of their time off and enjoy time with their loved ones will not only increase your popularity as a boss, it can also be very good for your business.


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