Inclusive Recruitment

"At U Diverse Global, we create lasting positive social impact by promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. We are glad to share our expertise in DEI strategy, inclusive recruitment and talent coaching to help your organization shine and prosper beyond your expectations."

Inclusive Recruitment

Acquire Multicultural Talents for a Collaborative, Multidimensional Organization

Unsurprisingly, the most successful companies are those who practice a multidimensional concept of management. Within this framework, managing people is extremely important. Employees are treated as individuals within a team. Therefore, for such an organization to succeed, personal goals have to be achieved along with the firm’s goals.

In today’s world, diversity plays a major role in business; and is now a major point of concern in recruitment processes. Now, more than ever, people show an increased will of having meaningful jobs that reflect the diversity in societies and also contributes to positive social and environmental causes. Therefore, it is no longer a ‘what if’ equation; the need to attract, engage and retain new talents with diverse background is at high levels.

Inclusive recruitment is fast becoming a staple in business. Organizations which want to stay innovative and competitive in this evolving landscape now have to extend a recruiting hand to a pool of diverse talents with fast changing qualifications. It doesn’t stop there; for these talented individuals to thrive, HR or people managers have to ensure that they have a warm and welcoming work environment that facilitates career development. The feeling of collaborative prosperity is most certainly, now crucial to achieving business objectives.

At U Diverse Global, our mission is to help organizations committed to diversity, equity and inclusion within their workplaces, build their recruitment process on practicable inclusivity. With our expertise in recruitment and DEI in global environments, we help organizations create new processes that ensure a more inclusive talent acquisition process, a seamless onboarding experience and a minimization of insensitive biases within workplaces.

Benefits of our Inclusive Recruitment Programs

  • Hire more diverse candidates and build stronger global teams by improving your recruitment process (including setting job requirements, job descriptions, job posting, sourcing, screening, interviews and selection).
  • Receive in-depth analysis of your systems, processes, and your day-to-day recruitment activities, including recommendations for DEI improvement.
  • Acquire custom solutions that effectively integrate diversity and inclusion within your talent acquisition process and systems, from intake to onboarding.
  • Optimize your talent acquisition process by attracting candidates from all backgrounds around the world.
  • Retain unique talents and build a global and diverse talent pool.
  • Gain practical and strategic recommendations and a flexible action plan that allows you create solid plans for a more inclusive work environment.
  • Merge perspectives from other stakeholders with a global DEI approach.
  • Learn to build a strong employer brand that promotes diversity recruiting

Who is it for?

  • Recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, HR managers who are frustrated with their current recruitment setup.

First step to get started

Participate to our inclusive recruitment workshop and start building a recruitment process free from biases to attract the best diverse talents.

Our program

Our Inclusive Recruitment Program

• 60 minutes introduction for program set-up, and outlining the need for inclusive recruitment

• Questionnaire before starting the program

• Welcome pack with personalized set-up to prepare the trajectory for strategy execution

• End to end review of talent acquisition stages with consulting, direct observations, and process and systems, from intake to posting the vacancy, and recruitment (1 to 2 months)

• End to end Systemic analysis of processes and systems

• Weekly coaching; 90-minute session with the recruitment/HR team to implement tactical actions and make systemic progress

• Minutes after the meeting to help track the progress

• Guidelines and supportive documents

• Full written report including practical recommendations, additional resources, and tools

• Weekly Progress checklist report

• 60-minute follow-up support call 6 weeks after our session for practical implementation. (Dialogue on What has been implemented, what works, what doesn't, as well as discussing specific problems and giving further advice/guidance)

• Coaching and Training program for HR managers, hiring managers, and recruiters to help you apply recommended solutions