What We Do

"At U Diverse Global, we create lasting positive social impact by promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. We are glad to share our expertise in DEI strategy, inclusive recruitment and talent coaching to help your organization shine and prosper beyond your expectations."

Career Coaching for non-traditional folks

Many diverse talents don’t have a fulfilling career which prevents them from achieving their potential. As a result, they feel exhausted trying to fit in, feel they are not good enough, face microaggressions on a recurrent basis or feel burned out or change jobs frequently. At U Diverse Global, we help folks who don’t fit into the traditional workplace (mavericks, queers, Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour (BIPOC), foreigners) make an impact with their unique gifts and talents. We help them with a non-traditional approach, focus on their strengths and unique identity with an action-oriented practical program. We provide coaching to help non-traditional folks to take their career to the next level, make the right decision, establish a clear career path and align their values.

Benefits of our Career Coaching programs:

  • Make substantial long-term career changes while respecting who you are and finally find or create a place where you belong
  • Stay accountable, stay on track to help you get started and gain clarity (From point A to point B)
  • Move up the ladder, land your dream job, or create your own career
  • Show your unique talents to make an impact and take control of your career
  • Find a career that aligns with your values
  • Feel empowered and build confidence with your unique and diverse self
  • Bring your all self in your professional environment that matches your needs

After working with us, you will know what steps to take for your career and make the right decision, establish a clear career path and align your values.


Queers, Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour (BIPOC), foreigners, mavericks, non-traditional folks


Introduction session

Get 30 minutes of coaching and check if this is for you. This will give you a good sense of whether this coaching program is for you, and a chance to meet directly with the coach. Just experience coaching with U Diverse Global and start taking actions at the end of our session.

What you will get :

  • A pre-assessment form

  • 1 outcome oriented on-on-one session

  • Concrete recommendations for your next steps

At the end of the session, you will:

• Set clear goals and define what you want

• Get a clear picture of your situation and a holistic review of your profile

• Start building an action plan towards taking the next step in your career

• See your investment (*Excl. VAT) deducted from the purchase of either 1 on 1 coaching or Group coaching program, should you decide to work further with us

> € 59 Excl. VAT (€ 71,39 Incl. VAT)

1 on 1 Career Coaching

• A coach who aligns to your values and understands your unique challenge as a non-traditional folk

• Six 60-minute outcome-oriented one-on-one sessions

• Communication platform to interact with your coach, have everything in one place and stay on track

• Email support & check-ins in between coaching sessions

• Customized preparation before the sessions and follow-ups

• Personalized coaching feedback to reflect on your progress

• A welcome package with a coaching contract, coaching questionnaire and personalized set-up to get you started

• Access to numerous assessments videos, personal exercises, documents, forms and templates

• A basic job search pack with one written review of your CV, Linkedin profile and cover letters templates provided by your coach at the end of the program.

> € 997 Excl. VAT (€ 1206,37 Incl. VAT)

Group Career Coaching

Take actions for concrete changes.

This group coaching program helps you achieve different results with the combined support of the coach and the group. If you expect concrete results for you or your team at an affordable price, this solution is for you. This option will help you focus on accountability and take you to implement concrete changes.

The program has a limited number of participants, and is fully focused on taking you through the steps to achieve your specific goals with a guided curriculum.

• Six 90-minute outcome-oriented group coaching sessions

• One 15-minute individual set-up call with your coach

• Access to our communication platform to help you track your progress, have everything in the same place and communicate with your coach

• Tailor-made preparation before the sessions and follow-ups

• Personalized feedback to reflect on progress

• Access to numerous videos, personal exercises, documents, forms, and templates

> € 597 Excl. VAT (€ 722,37 Incl. VAT)