What We Do

"At U Diverse Global, we create lasting positive social impact by promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. We are glad to share our expertise in DEI strategy, inclusive recruitment and talent coaching to help your organization shine and prosper beyond your expectations."

DEI Global Strategy

Transform Your Company into a People-Oriented Work Environment

With DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, your global organization no longer has to be left behind in the ever-evolving and complex labor market. At U Diverse Global, our mission is to help organizations around the world create diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments that foster employees’ wellbeing and creativity; as well as nurture innovative financial excellence and brand equity.

We help you create a functional DEI strategy that showcases your values as a culturally-progressive organization and also fits within your business goals and KPI’s. Our area of expertise is embedded within a sustainable mindset change in multicultural and global environments; and in establishing an inclusive and safe space for every unique talent.

Benefits of our DEI Strategy programs:

  • Broadens your company’s perception of DEI at an individual, community, regional and global level and why it is vital to growth.
  • Align your core company DEI values to an international scale, taking into consideration the unique regional nuances and challenges
  • Stimulates an internal and external thorough review of the organization at every layer of the organization: leadership, employees and teams.
  • Provides contextualized regional assessment and a baseline global assessment of the current state of DEI within your company and the steps to be taken.
  • Facilitates employee and leadership buy-in, including ERG’s HR managers and regional representation.
  • Presents a strong and clear global DEI strategy with short-term, mid-term, and long-term priorities, outcomes, metrics, and an action plan.
  • Delivers weekly consulting support, tools, and resources for the implementation of the DEI plan.
  • Raises awareness about DEI specific topics by means of tailor-made training with a focus on intercultural competences and cross-cultural collaboration.


C-level executives, leaders & managers of companies who are passively searching for DEI strategies


Our DEI strategy is implemented in three phases for successful incorporation into varying work environments.

DEI Diagnostic

• 1-hour introduction call to outline the needs of DEI in your organization.

• Welcome pack with personalized set-up to prepare the trajectory for strategy execution.

• DEI audit (HR analytics and organizational culture): survey about culture, review of policies and processes, perceptions to employees, and focus groups representing regional offices.

• Strategic planning session: 1 full day or 2 half-days of strategic workshop sessions for up to 10 people with decision making responsibilities. Purpose is to align DEI vision/mission/values, as well as define top priorities, to the organization’s culture, values, mission, and objectives.

• If not existing, facilitation in establishing of a Diversity & Inclusion Executive Committee.

• Communication meeting about findings and on-boarding DEI strategy as concerns the wide organization.

• Written summary including practical recommendations and additional resources.

• 1-hour results debrief session.

DEI Execution

• Strategic planning session: 1 full day or 2 half-days of strategic workshop session(s) for up to 10 people with decision making responsibilities, to define short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes, as well as identify metrics for evaluating progress and fixing top priorities.

•Support in developing a concrete 2-years action plan.

• Support in developing measurement tools, milestones, and progress tracking systems.

• Full strategy report and solid recommendations including an implementation plan.

• Follow-up support call.

DEI Integration

Series of 2-hour trainings up to 100 people about:

  • Working in multicultural teams (based on The Cultural Orientations Framework (COF).
  • Inclusive leadership coaching and training.
  • Diversity coaching program.
  • Gender equality and LGBTQI+ in the workplace.
  • Anti-racism in the workplace.
  • Inclusive recruitment.