What We Do

"At U Diverse Global, we create lasting positive social impact by promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. We are glad to share our expertise in DEI strategy, global leadership, multicultural teamwork and talent development to help your organization shine and prosper beyond your expectations."

Diverse Talent Coaching

The reason many firms lose their diverse talents is because they fail to advance their employees’ careers. At U Diverse Global, we provide organizations with a solid framework that gives career guidance to employees based on their strengths and talents. Indeed, we assess the potentials of all employees from diverse backgrounds, helping them become top performers in your organization. We provide resources and coaching for employees that greatly improve their networking and negotiation skills, while developing their full potential.

Benefits of our Talent Coaching programs:

  • Protect and improve retention of key staff, skills, knowledge and experience
  • Foster career development for high potential employees and new managers to become effective global leaders
  • Develop diverse talents across the organization (expats, multicultural/multilingual, underrepresented groups)
  • Engage and motivate staff through career development activities such as career mapping and talent discovery
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Maintain healthy relationships and preserve the employer's branding reputation


C-level executives, senior leaders, HR managers, mid-level managers, senior & junior professionals


Talent Start

  • Strength based talent assessment report (Strengthscope™)

  • The coaching sessions contain the following:

    • 12 Coaching sessions (2 per months over 6 months)

    • Assessment report

  • 3 different format options:

    • 1 full day (8 hours)

    • 2 half-days (2 x 4 hours)

    • 4 sessions of 2 hours

Talent Growth

  • Strength based talent assessment report (Strengthscope™)

  • 30-minute one-to-one with the coachee and a pre questionnaire

  • 3 different format options:

    • 3 full days (3 x 8 hours)

    • 6 half-days (6 x 4 hours)

    • 12 sessions of 2 hours

  • Personalized talent report and concrete recommendations

Talent Advance

  • Data gathering (Survey, demographic data, interviews)

  • Talent planning sessions to establish the foundation for long term changes

  • Inclusive talent development program plan

  • Talent activities such as coaching, training, mentoring, etc...